Sprinting to the end of the year

The end of the school year always feels like a sprint to the finish line at the end of a marathon. We’ve pushed past the runner’s block, we’re so close to the end, and we’re giving everything we’ve got to finish strong. And when we finish we can relax and revel in our accomplishments.


For the past few years as high school graduation approaches, I’ve shared this metaphor with our seniors. Hebrews 12:1-2 tells us that we are running a race, but we are not alone. We’re surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and we can persevere with our eyes on Jesus. While the original intent of the Scripture is that the cloud of witnesses is the previous list of “heroes of the faith” in chapter 11, I always remind these students that they are also surrounded by a cloud of witnesses including their families, friends, our faculty and staff, and other Covenant alumni. Once they receive that diploma they become part of the cloud of witnesses for the next class. It’s a beautiful picture of how important community is to our ability to finish our goals and achieve God’s purpose for our lives.


I’ve been reading “Finish” by Jon Acuff recently, and this message is prominent there as well. In “Finish,” Acuff focuses on the lies that perfectionism tells us that keep us from completing our goals. One of those lies is that we can do this by ourselves and we don’t need help from anyone. Those of us who have pushed past this lie know what it really takes to accomplish something - help from others. Community is important for accountability and support no matter what the goal is.


Appreciation for our community is why I love our commencement ceremonies. We fill these ceremonies with traditions that acknowledge and thank those who have come alongside the students as they complete each goal in their life. We know they didn’t do it all alone, and we want to recognize that. We know that we have to partner with families in order to accomplish our mission of educating, evangelizing, and equipping our students to become life changers for Christ. We’re a community, a family, and we don’t do it alone either.


Of course, right now we still have a lot of activities to do together as we sprint toward the end of the year. Our middle schoolers are headed to Savannah and our freshmen are going to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. We’ve got SATs and elementary/high school buddy chapels, National Day of Prayer and field day, the spring concert, and senior week all to come before we reach that finish line.  And it’s all coming fast! Each activity is a part of the Covenant student experience - we’re building a community to help us all persevere during the sprint to the end and to help us celebrate the accomplishments after the race.


After we celebrate, we’ll keep preparing for next school year’s marathon too, making sure that we’re still engaging our community and thanking our supporters as we accomplish new goals. If you’re looking for a school to partner with you to accomplish your educational goals for your family, call us or stop by so we can share this Covenant community experience with you and see why we say, “we’re more than a school, we’re family.”