The study of fine arts cultivates in each student an awareness and appreciation of God's creativity inherent in the world around us. Our arts department seeks to guide students in the development and stewardship of these talents to be used in accomplishing God's purpose for their lives.

Covenant's award winning music department provides music instruction beginning in K3. Fundamentals of music are taught through group instruction, helping each student discover a love for music. Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in elementary chorus or band. Students in  third grade and up may participate in orchestra. At the middle and high school level, chorus, orchestra, and band are offered as elective courses. Private piano lesson are offered on campus, and Covenant piano students participate in an annual piano festival.

The visual art department has selected materials which are designed to progressively teach the fundamentals of art while allowing time for fun and seasonal creations. Preschool and elementary art classes give the students the opportunity to explore visual arts and creating. In middle school engage with the study of art processes and more in-depth projects. The high school art department offers intensive studies in all mediums.

Covenant provides 10th through 12th grade students the opportunity to create the yearbook. In addition to developing their skills in photography, graphic and publication design, yearbook students learn elements of journalistic and creative writing. Students who elect to take yearbook learn transferable skills they can apply to any career in graphic design, publications, or journalism. 

The drama program is designed no only to give aspiring thespians a chance to develop their talents, but also to give students the confidence needed to speak in public. The program begins in 9th grade with a public speaking and intro to theatre course. 10th through 12th grade students may be invited to audition for the Covenant Players, where they can extend their studies in the performance level class.