In high school, the students broaden their understandings by moving and learning how they can Extend their knowledge into avenues to help others. At the high school level, the balance of academics, character training, athletics, and fine arts is invaluable for every student and every future career path.


Academically, Covenant's core curriculum is comprised of college preparatory courses and various elective courses that allow students to develop their talents.

Students who qualify may also elect to take honors courses in the accelerated program and Dual Enrollment for selected courses and earn college credit. Dual Enrollment courses are offered through Truett McConnell University's online dual enrollment program, so students don't need to travel to dual enroll.

We offer elective courses in technology and robotics, visual arts, yearbook journalism, chorus, public speaking, and theatre.

Educational and Biblical field trips are taken to extend the learning environment. 

It is our belief that each of us was created for a purpose and given a specific calling. Because of this, our staff and administration strive to provide Godly direction for personal growth, in addition to the pursuit of academic excellence.

Daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services are designed to develop in each student a Biblical worldview, a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, and an understanding of their place in the fabric of God's plan.

Covenant's banner raising athletic program fosters in our student athletes the importance of team values, leadership, and determination.

Thank you to Covenant for the opportunity to impact my life and so many others. Covenant will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.
— Chris Y., Class of 2004