Covenant is a diverse community. The transition from another country can be daunting, but we are proud of our reputation as a welcoming school to students of any background. Our admissions director can answer any specific questions about the international admissions process, and will continue to be a resource for you once you're enrolled. 

Thank you for considering our International Student Program. Listed below are some guidelines to help you in the process. Please note: Each international student application must be completed in English. All documents must be translated into English before submitting. A non-refundable $200 application fee must be turned in with each student application. Once application is approved, a $500 non-refundable International Student processing fee will be due from the parent so we may submit the application to SEVIS for initial approval to Covenant. All students must be able to speak, write, read, and comprehend English. 

In addition to the international student application, the parent must provide:

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Copy of passport

  • Copy of current visa (if any)

  • Current photo of student

  • All immunization records transferred to a GA Department of Health Form #3231

  • Copy of current I-94 (if any)

  • All previous school records

  • Copy of current I-20 (if any)

  • Letter from the guardians/parents stating the date of arrival in the United States

Once all documents are received by Covenant, they will be submitted to our administration for review. If accepted, a family interview will be set up. At that time the international Parent and Student Agreement forms will be signed. 

After the student's file is approved, all documents signed, and we have completed the I-20 initial application, a SEVIS number will be generated and sent to you. Payment for the I-20 is made through by credit card for an I-901 to be issued. The SEVIS number, the receipt, and the receipt number for the I-901 will need to be brought to the Embassy for the I-20 to be approved and issued.

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