Our goal is to provide a warm, inviting place for students to enjoy as they develop a love of reading, technology, engineering, and life-long learning. Collaboration with classroom teachers further enhances student learning. 

Preschool students experience library classes where they hear stories, learn library skills, and are exposed to great literature. Elementary students visit the library for a lesson and book check out. Lessons include a read aloud, library and media skills, or research in books and on the computer. Middle and high school students visit the library as needed and as scheduled by their teachers. You may also find students visiting the media center for a quiet place to study, work on group projects, or enjoy a good book.

Students in elementary school can participate in the Engineering and Design Club. The club meets weekly throughout the school year, and the students explore their interests in engineering and apply their creativity to fun Lego brick building projects. Middle school students can participate in their own Engineering and Design Club, where the principles of engineering and design are applied to create digital stories and animations. 

Students of all grade levels participate in technology and computer classes. Preschool students learn the basics of using computers and devices. Elementary students explore technology further by learning coding and typing skills. Middle and high school students have the opportunity to take technology classes where they extend their computer and coding knowledge and apply it to real-world application of their skills. The use of technology in the computer lab is integrated throughout the curriculum in all classes.

The robotics program at Covenant is an extension of the technology program. Students in middle and high school have the ability to create and program a variety of robotic devices, and then they test their work and make adjustments and improvements.